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Neuromuscular/Myofascial/Cranial Sacral Therapy

What is NMT, Fascia and Cranial sacral therapy? 
Neuromuscular therapy is a comprehensive results-orientated, hands-on system of healing that resolves chronic & acute pain conditions of all kinds. NMT combines a working knowledge of anatomy/physiology with the latest fascia research findings to achieve postural alignment and restore integrity and balance to the nervous, musculoskeletal, and fascia systems. NMT’s precision, accuracy, and thoroughness set it apart from other manual therapies.

Pain relief specialist- Stress management- Preventative maintenance care

My Style 
My style of workmarries precise technical skills with sensitivity, intuition, and nurturing. My 30 years of experience treating a wide range of conditions have given me the ability to “tune in” to each person’s unique tensional patterns and effectively respond with appropriate techniques ranging from very gentle to more direct, forceful. Fundamental guidance in re-habilitation activities is also provided.

• Carpal tunnel syndrome 
• TMJ Pain 
• Shoulder/neck pain 
• Sciatica 
• Headaches 
• Postural correction 
• Repetitive stress trauma 
• Plantar fascitis 
• Low back/hip pain 
• Trigger points 
• Pinched nerve 

• Increased body awareness 
• Pain relief 
• Greater energy and resilience 
• Return to active pain-free life 
• Stress management 
• Feel inspired and empowered 
• Improve flexibility & posture 
• Synchronize body and mind 

Neuromuscular therapy (St. John Method) 
Myofascia release 
Cranial sacral therapy 
Lymphatic massage 
Muscle energy technique (Met) 
Massage therapy 
Active release technique (Art) 
Soft tissue mobilization


“A low back disk injury left me in severe pain. From the first session with Tim, progress was steady and dramatic. His extraordinary knowledge of soft tissue anatomy makes his work gentle to experience yet profound in effect. I now enjoy a normal pain-free life-something I never dreamed possible.” Tina Noble

“Tim’s bodywork has helped me get through a 10 year chronic back problem. His insights into body dynamics, structure, and his knowledge of various treatment methods have improved my posture, and eliminated neck, back, and shoulder pain. Through Tim’s help I have been able to exercise again and live an active life.” Manda Frederick

“I have seen very few therapists as highly skilled as Tim. He works with great cacre, sensitivity, and the precision of a surgeon. Many times, his expert work has raised my energy, spirits, and brought me tremendous relief. “ RonKovick Viet Nam Activist, Author of “Born on the 4th of July”

“I can honestly say that I did not begin recovery from a severe low back disk herniation untilreceiving St. John Neuromuscular therapy treatment with Tim Brody. His extensive knowledge of anatomy and skilled application of this technique allowed me to avoid costly and traumatic surgery.” Ralph Jones

Rates: 1 hour $90.00 1 ½ hour $120.00

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