Neuromuscular Therapy at Tim Brody Neuromuscular Therapy

neuromuscular therapySome ailments or disease diagnosed are recommended to have massage therapy for faster recovery and healing. Physicians prescribe certain points in the body for the massage therapist and this is what called a medical massage therapy. Any type of massage therapy can be considered a medical massage when applied by a certified massage therapist. Some of these approaches are Neuromuscular Therapy, Trigger Point Therapy and Myoskeletal Therapy.

Massage Therapy in general can decrease pain and inflammation, assuage stress, improve proper blood circulation, and develop coordination. It can aide to thwart future chronic pain conditions by effectively concentrating with the cause of the problem and eradicating it.

If you’re prescribed to have a medical massage therapy, let Tim Brody Neuromuscular Therapy be a help, we had administered therapies to San Rafael, CA residents with best treating results. Contact our neurologist today and schedule your appointment.


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